Cllr Simon Rush

I have lived in Newham for over twenty years, I have had a keen interest in Plaistow, particularly in the environment making the area safer for our residence and have enjoyed working with community residents group in especially over the last two years. Surgery Details: First Wednesday of the Month.12.30pm-2pm Canning Town Library18 Rathbone Market, […]

Cllr John Morris

As a lifelong Newham resident, I am incredibly proud to call this place my home. And as a proud local, I have also supported measures to promote its unique character. If elected, I will stand up for the interest of Plaistow West and Canning Town East and campaign for residents. Surgery Details: First Saturday of […]

Cllr Dina Hossain

I live in the ward and volunteer in various charities and organisation across the borough for a better Newham. If I am elected, I will campaign for better housing, education, cleaner and safer environment for our residents. I will also campaign for more youth centers which is essential to our borough. Surgery Details: The First […]