No Waste on Streets initiative reduces flytipping

In Vicarage Lane three waste storage facilities were installed for residents.
This has resulted in a 72% reduction in fly tips and a buildup of waste from local businesses.

Cllr James Asser, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainable Transport said:
“Residents want us to take action to reduce fly tipping and No Waste on Streets is one of the innovative ways we are doing so.

“On high streets with flats above shops, residents and businesses leave their bags of rubbish on the street for collection. This can sometimes signal that leaving waste on the street is acceptable.
“Using this innovative approach, whereby residents are provided with bespoke waste storage facilities that do not look like bins, we are reducing the levels of fly-tipping.

“Tackling fly-tipping is going to take a range of measures and new innovations working together with residents. As we have seen with this project those new measures, hand-in-hand with local communities support can make a big impact. ”

No Waste on Streets was first trialled on Station Road E12 in 2021, where 5 bin stores were installed for use by residents and local businesses that had Newham commercial waste contracts. This achieved a 24% reduction in rates of fly-tipping.

As part of building a fairer Newham we will spend £40 million over the next 4 years to keep our streets and neighbourhoods clean and cut reported fly-tipping by 50 percent.
The No Waste on Streets innovation was developed as a joint initiative by Keep Britain Tidy and Newham Council to tackle fly-tipping.